Most businesses used video conferencing tools prior to COVID-19, but last year’s events have many more getting serious about the technology. There are three big players in the space, Zoom, Teams, and Webex Meetings. All three are listed in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Meeting Solutions, the go-to report in the industry, so they are all very viable solutions.

Working with businesses to solve communication challenges every day, we see these tools in action. In my opinion, Cisco’s Webex Meetings is the best option for those who want to get serious because it provides the best security, feature set, ease of use, cost-benefit, and integration with the other tools in your business, such as CRMs.

Today, I want to talk about some of the innovative and class-leading features that set it apart, so you can make the most of video conferencing in your business.

#1 Crystal clear communication wherever you are

One of the challenges that became apparent in remote working is that not everyone has a perfectly quiet space to do video calls. While it’s not ideal, you can probably manage a few disruptions, like traffic noise, barking dogs or power tools, when it comes to your internal meetings. But when it comes to client calls and conferences, professionalism is key.

In the office, you likely had a quiet space or meeting room where people could get on with business. With your staff working from anywhere, however, this isn’t guaranteed. Noise suppression is one area where Webex comes into its own, and in my opinion, is second to none.  I have seen this in action, with a vacuum cleaner at full ball behind a Webex user. The sound was entirely blocked out, and the conversation remained crystal clear with other attendees none the wiser.

#2 Transcribe and index meeting notes

While all three systems allow for recording and transcription, I believe Webex has an edge here too. The innovative transcription feature uses artificial intelligence to document the entire meeting accurately. And even better, with just a voice command, you can direct the transcription tool to highlight a particular passage while it’s transcribing.

The end transcript can be automatically emailed to all attendees and makes it easy to find and share critical action points without reviewing the whole conversation.

This feature is useful in any meeting scenario, but it’s game-changing when everyone must have an accurate, easy-to-find record of what was agreed and what will happen next, such as legal conferences, board meetings, or sales discussions.

#3 Share content selectively  

Screen sharing is an important feature when all attendees need to review the same document or file, but there are plenty of occasions when you won’t want to share your entire screen. Webex makes this simple, you don’t share your entire screen, but select the content or app you want to share, and the view is limited to just that.

This way, you don’t have to worry about closing any sensitive information or muting notifications beforehand, and you can direct attendees’ attention to the exact information you want to share with no distractions.

These are just three of the innovative features that set this tool apart. If you’d like to see what this innovative tool could do for your business, get in touch with Cloud Earth to book your demo.