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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I already have a contract with another internet provider?

If you have an ongoing contract with another service provider it is possible to use your existing service as a backup to the new high speed service or to implement the new service at a lower speed as a backup to your existing service.

If you were thinking of increasing the service speed you may find it preferable to order our service to make up the difference rather than paying more to your existing provider.

When your contract with the existing provider is up you can easily increase the speed of your service with us.

How long will it take to get online?

Your service will be activated and available for use within 30 days of placing an order. For many buildings it will be significantly less than 30 days.

What’s the difference between copper and fibre?

  1. Speed. Optical fibre is a newer technology and can support data transfer speeds up to 10 Gbps. Copper can only support speeds up to 100 Mbps.
  2. Reliability. (Why optical fibre is more reliable) The Copper service has an electrical switch (DSLAM) located within 700 metres of your office where multiple services using existing copper cabling within your building are aggregated from copper to fibre. Since there is an electrical device converting the copper service to fibre the Service Level Agreement (SLA) has. Fibre has no electrical components between the equipment in the your office and the infrastructure in Cloud Earth’s Data Centre location for this reason there is lower latency and the services can be provided with a higher (SLA).
  3. Equipment. A copper service will require X and Y to be installed. It is called a VDSL service. A fibre service requires A and B to be installed
  4. Cost. Fibre services require an individual fibre optic cable to run from your building to Cloud Earth’s data centre. This requires space in street ducts to be rented and is a less scalable service. Copper services can be provided more economically because they are aggregated at the DSLAM 700 metres from your building. A single fibre cable across the city may therefore carry 100s of 10 Mbps connections simultaneously. In addition buildings often have copper cabling infrastructure already installed up the building risers that is used to connect traditional telecommunications services. The use of this existing infrastructure allows the service to be provisioned more easily and quickly.

What is included in the monthly service fee?

These internet services include unlimited data transfers and no data shaping. You can upload and download as much data as you want: the service speed you select is guaranteed to be the minimum speed of transfer at all times. Other than the initial installation there are never any additional fees. You can increase the speed at any time during or following the contract term with a small one off $90 additional fee. You will simply pay the monthly fee applicable for that speed.

What is a Symmetric Service?

A symmetric service provides the same speed for uploads as for downloads. Many commercially available internet services provide far lower upload speeds than download speeds. This limits the user’s ability to use cloud data services as they rely on the user’s data being uploaded to the cloud.

For example a symmetric speed of 10 /10 Mb means guaranteed 10Mb speed for both downloads and uploads.

Who are Cloud Earth’s upstream providers?

Cloud Earth utilises carriage services provided by a range of Layer 1 carriers including but not necessarily limited to Vocus, Firenet, iVox, Telstra, Optus, FirstPath, Luminet, PacNet, TPG, AAPT, NextGen and BigAir. We source connections targeting specific quality and price points in order to provide the most effective connectivity solutions for our customers.

I want to appoint an Authorised Representative

To appoint an authorised representative for your account please contact our contact centre to give the relevant details.

What kind of support am I entitled to?

If customers have not purchased a support plan that includes professional services, then professional services and post-sales fees may apply if the customer requests post-sales support. These are agreed with the customer prior to any work taking place.

Am I under warranty?

For Zultys products we provide hardware replacement within 24 hours.

Cisco products can be provided with a choice of smart care or smart net warranties.

In general, vendor hardware and software maintenance is tailored to suit the client’s requirements and is clearly stated on the client’s invoices. To confirm warranties that apply to past purchases please ask our contact centre.

Where can I find out my Internet usage estimate?

We provide each client with personalised usage statistics via a secure website.

These include:

Internet usage in bytes for the current month and previous months
Visual traffic and services statistics
Please contact us to find the secure link to your statistics.

Billing and Payment information

For contracted services we invoice monthly at the beginning of each month for set monthly fees for the current month and usage charges for the previous month.

Bills are delivered electronically by email.

Payment is due within 10 days.

I am not satisfied with my current service

If you have any complaints please contact us via phone or email to give details to one of our service personnel. Your complaint will be reviewed by the relevant manager or representative within one business day.They will contact you personally to follow up and address your concerns.

I am experiencing difficulty paying in time

If at any time you have questions about your account or are experiencing difficulty paying on time, please contact us by calling 1300 584 844 or emailing

I’ve heard VOIP is cheaper but not as good quality as traditional phone lines. Is this true?

Voice Over IP (VOIP) is a method of communicating audio signals over an IP network. VOIP can actually produce better audio quality than a traditional phone line.

It’s not VOIP that causes poor quality it’s the IP network that it runs on. Cloud Earth can supply a SIP trunk and the underlying IP network to ensure you always have the best quality.

Using Cloud Earth’s SIP trunking service can save you a lot of money every month.

Can I keep my telephone number when moving to Cloud Earth SIP trunking?

Sure no problem. This is called “number porting”.

The process is very smooth and we will schedule a time to suit.