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Keep up to date with the digital age and new enterprise IT movement with the most cost effective solutions. By choosing Cloud Earth you can accelerate your business transformation and innovation objectives. Cloud Earth focuses on creating comprehensive enterprise and mobile communication solutions and provide expert networking and system design advice.

We offer a wide range of

Advisory and consulting

services for many


Architecture and Design

We translate your strategies and requirements into a design with capacity. Whether it be an On-premise, Off-premise or Hybrid, we have you covered.


We look at the holistic enterprise security solution for your business. We can help you develop your business security strategy.

Enterprise Communication

Need a communication solution for your business? Enable digital workers with enterprise Mobile solutions and achieve greater productivity.

Advisory Services

We offer insight into best practice solutions and maximise the value of your technology. Whether it be strategic or commercial we can help give you the advantage

System Migration

Whether you’re looking to consolidate or migrate your services, we can help you achieve a smooth transition.

Project Management

We manage projects from planning to operation. Trust us to deliver within your time and budget constraints.

Business Continuity

60% of businesses do not have a business continuity or Disaster recovery strategy/solution. We can help you recover your services faster.

Network Automation

Have Networks failover and increase capacity without depending on human resources.

WAN Optimisation

Get the most out of your infrastructure without increasing capacity.

Risk Analysis

We can help you identify your weaknesses and strengths of your IT infrastructure and strategies.


Cloud Earth can help you move from a CAPEX to an OPEX model and free up IT resources to drive innovation and productivity. We believe all businesses should have tan enterprise IT solution without the large price tags and complications. Cloud Earth Manages and monitors your system to ensure your IT system will not let you down.

Cloud Earth experts can help you improve efficiency and save costs of up to 20% versus traditional on-premise solutions.

How can Cloud Earth help?

Tailored solutions

We’ll work with you from beginning to end


We focus on building long term trust


We keep our work and processes visible


We have dedicated expert engineers

Privately Owned

All our infrastrcture is private owned ​​​​​​​

Cost Effective

Affordable cloud access for all businesses

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