Cloud Computing

Have your Workstations and servers in the Cloud and reduce onsite dependency

Deploy a Desktop in seconds

Our Virtual desktops are hosted in Australia’s best data centres and can serve as your alternative solution to your traditional system architecture. Have your applications and data with Cloud Earth within your very own private Cloud.

  • Workstations – Traditional workstation desktops will be replaced with “Thin Clients”
  • Servers – Say goodbye to hardware maintenance and server rooms.

Enterprise class performance and Availability


Your Environment is fully sandboxed and will be restricted to your business only


Have a peace of mind with a 99.95% uptime SLA.


Start with a minimum of 5 users, and grow as you need with the same platform

Low Maintenance

No Hardware maintenance, no software maintenance


Integrate your desktops with other Cloud Earth Products


Your Environment can be reached by mobile workers anywhere around the world


Cloud Earth can help you move from a CAPEX to an OPEX model and free up IT resources to drive innovation and productivity. We believe all businesses should have an enterprise IT solution without the large price tags and complications. Cloud Earth Manages and monitors your system to ensure your IT system will not let you down.

Cloud Earth experts can help you improve efficiency and save costs of up to 20% versus traditional on-premise solutions.

The Cloud Earth Solution

Before Cloud Earth

A traditional on-premise architecture as a distributed network. Minimal availability and disaster recovery.

After Cloud Earth

All your IT services secured in one or more available Private Cloud saving costs and headaches.

How can Cloud Earth help?

Tailored solutions

We’ll work with you from beginning to end


We focus on building long term trust


We keep our work and processes visible


We have dedicated expert engineers

Privately Owned

All our infrastrcture is private owned ​​​​​​​

Cost Effective

Affordable cloud access for all businesses

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