We provide more than phone systems

We provide more than phone systems

Cloud Earth is one of the leading telecommunications and IT service providers in the Australian market today. 100% Australian owned and operated, we’re headquartered in Sydney and have offices across Australia.

We started the business in 2012 to focus on fixing the quagmire of voice and video communication. Telecommunications is a business critical technology but we found that it was often confusing for businesses to find the service they actually needed. With the market-jamming jargon and highly detailed ‘offers’ shoved down businesses throats we felt it was time to provide a service that worked for businesses, not the other way round.

With everything moving to the cloud, we knew there was an opportunity to help businesses find the right solution that freed them from the in-house server nightmare of using out-dated technology to run their telecommunications and IT services…and Cloud Earth was born!

We love telecommunications and are passionate about helping our clients find the right services to suit their needs. Our IT services give you the flexibility of working with one supplier across both your telecommunications and IT infrastructure.

Our staff are experts in their field and we work with a variety of technologies, partners, and environments to find the right solution for you. We’re not anchored to one platform or technology; we’ll find what’s best for you and point you in the right direction.

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